Bookends 11.3.5

Automatically create bibliographies and footnotes

If you're a student or academic then cross referencing your work can be a painstaking and laborious task. View full description


  • Searches Amazon, Google Scholar and EndNotes for references
  • Supports major word processing apps


  • No support for NeoOffice


If you're a student or academic then cross referencing your work can be a painstaking and laborious task.

Bookends aims to ensure you spend more time working than referencing by providing a fully featured bibliography/reference and information management system. To make life easy, it integrates with Microsoft Word (as well as OpenOffice 3, Apple Pages, Mellel, Nisus Writer Pro and any other RTF formatted documents) by scanning your documents and automatically referencing articles. In theory, you can generate finished manuscripts with properly formatted bibliographies automatically!

To make things easier, Bookends has a search and import wizard which allows you to import references automatically from sources such as Google Scholar, Amazon and EndNote. If you're collaborating on a project with others, Bookends even allows you to share your references over the internet. You can also attach reference files and search for PDF documents that you'd like to cross reference or attach to your document.

On the downside, there's no support for NeoOffice in Bookends and you may find that importing references may occasionally crash the application in which case all you need to do is a database rebuild and it should work again.

Bookends could potentially reduce the amount of time you spend cross referencing academic documents and creating bibliographies.


  • Selectng a folder in the groups pane shows references from the groups it contains as well as those in any subfolders.
  • Import Zotero libraries with pdf attachments.
  • Updated JSTOR parser in Bookends Browser to deal with changes made by JSTOR.
  • Improved Autocomplete Paper.
  • When attaching pdfs in batch, CrossRef has been added as a source of metadata.
  • The boolean setting (AND/OR) for virtual groups is remembered between launches.
  • Added an AppleEvent that returns the modification date of the specified references.
  • Bug fixes

Bookends offers a host of features for locating, obtaining, managing, and using references to create bibliographies and footnotes. It has the following features:

  • Link to your word processor for instant switching to and from Bookends
  • Autocompletion of authors, editors, keywords, journals and any other field with a Term List
  • Unicode throughout (supports non-Roman languages)
  • Support for BibTeX data entry, importing, and formatting
  • Import/export references in XML (with styled text information) from/to EndNote 7 or later
  • Sort a database by any three fields
  • Detect and automatically or manually delete duplicate references
  • Drag and drop links to Bookends references into other applications



Bookends 11.3.5

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